It’s a bullpen in a box! The Pitching Tunnel is a visual training aid designed to improve overall pitching skills and raise confidence in young pitchers. No pitcher has too much control and all pitchers strive to have “command” of their pitches. Pitching Tunnels will replace and enhance old fashioned “bullpen sessions” and allow pitchers to learn pitching in a hassle free, safe, controlled athletic environment.


  • Safety Wings encompass the release point of pitchers creating a safe throwing environment
  • The pitcher is surrounded by 3 sides of netting at “release point” and every pitch will enter the wide tunnel opening
  • The Strike Zone is comprised of the Target, Catch Net, & Back Door
  • Accurate pitches slam the brightly colored Target inducing a loud thump!
  • The Target catches the pitched balls and releases them downward into the Catch Net
  • The 9 squares distinguish strikes vs balls allowing coaching and learning to engage in endless practice scenarios
  • Targets are made of 20 oz. thick vinyl and built to withstand continuous usage
  • The Catch Net is reinforced with #42 Heavy Duty Knotted Polyester for maximum durability and performance
  • All pitched balls are corralled and funneled into the Catch Net
  • Once a pitched ball enters the tunnel, its momentum takes it towards the Catch Net and does not come out unless retrieved by the user through the Back Door. This allows for a more efficient, safer practice environment
  • The Back Door opens fully to allow access to the Strike Zone
  • Available in Baseball, Fastpitch, or Junior Models
  • Weighs only about 30 pounds, making it highly portable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in multiple colors

The Pitching Tunnel is completely portable and simple to use weighing only 38 lbs and comes fully assembled in any color. Entire teams may practice year-round, indoors or out!