Do You Have Tunnel Vision?

Better Baseball Products was born out of a passion for baseball and a desire to improve the training provided to Major League Pitchers. Better Baseball Products conceived, designed, and invented the newest training device built especially for all levels of Pitchers: the Pitching Tunnel.

The world’s biggest target practice nets are fully endorsed by Tom House, the “Father of Modern Pitching Mechanics,” and co-founder of the National Pitching Association.

The Tunnels are long, tapered, 4 sided, colored baseball nets that are specially sculpted to allow only accurate pitched balls to continue uninterrupted through the Tunnel. NO CATCHER IS NEEDED. Pitchers can throw continuously without interruption and entire pitching staffs can get mound time without waiting on a catcher.

Pitching Tunnels can easily be used by all ages and genders. Pitchers can gain drastic results and quick improvement in all areas of pitching including pitch command, control, execution, efficiency, and ultimately to WINNING! From Tots to the Pros, all pitchers can experience fantastic results in the demanding and elusive art of pitching!

Practice times become faster and more efficient allowing for more pitchers to get their work done before practice ends. The Pitching Tunnel is designed to improve overall pitching skills and raise confidence in young pitchers. No pitcher has too much control and all pitchers strive to have “command” of their pitches. Pitching Tunnels will replace and enhance old fashioned “bullpen sessions” and allow pitchers to learn pitching in a hassle free, safe, controlled athletic environment. With no catcher needed, a Pitching Tunnel allows for personal pitching practice to be at a pace comfortable to the user.

Wild pitches hit the Tunnel walls and are knocked down in flight. Accurate pitches slam the 14 oz vinyl target and a loud thump is heard. The target catches the ball and releases it downward into the catch net. All balls are corralled at the end of the Tunnel and are easily retrievable through the backdoor opening of the catch net. “Strikes” will pass to the end of the Tunnel and “balls” will be eliminated by the Tunnel walls.

The Tunnel is completely portable and simple to use weighing only 38 lbs and comes fully assembled in any color. Entire teams may practice year-round, indoors or out!

Vision is a huge aspect of the Pitching Tunnel experience. Pitchers will focus better. Accurate pitching is the result of visualization before execution and a Pitching Tunnel’s visual cues offer an experience in strike throwing like never before. An image is burned into the psyche of pitchers as they focus in on the Strike Zone at the end of the Tunnel. This mental image is a great weapon for modern pitchers as the need for “strike throwers” is at its highest level in years and pitchers can be confident that they’ll have “Tunnel Vision” every time they take the mound in any ballpark, against any opponent.

The Tunnel walls also act as a physical barrier and are important in corralling wild pitches and ricochets. Once a pitched ball enters the tunnel, it does not come out unless retrieved by the user. This makes for a safe environment for fans, coaches, kids, and onlookers. This is and will be a superior alternative to traditional pitching practice.

The Pitching Tunnel effectively enables its users to hone their pitching skills and advance their sports careers successfully. All players strive to play in the Big Leagues and a Pitching Tunnel can make the path to the Big Leagues a little easier. Coaches and catchers benefit as they can sit back and enjoy watching their pitching staffs throwing full speed and getting their work done faster and more efficiently than ever before. Coaches save time, catchers save their knees and teeth, pitchers lock in and gain command of all their pitches. Wins increase and the organization becomes a contender almost overnight. Good pitching beats good hitting and all pitchers need more accuracy.

The Pitching Tunnel will improve every pitcher on the planet regardless of age, gender or skill level and is fast becoming a standard piece of equipment on ball fields and sporting facilities worldwide. Would you like to improve your pitching?


Matt Hammons

The Pitching Tunnel is completely portable and simple to use weighing only 38 lbs and comes fully assembled in any color. Entire teams may practice year-round, indoors or out!