The Pitching Tunnel effectively enables its users to hone their pitching skills and advance their sports careers successfully. All players strive to play in the Big Leagues and a Pitching Tunnel can make the path to the Big Leagues a little easier. Coaches and catchers benefit as they can sit back and enjoy watching their pitching staffs throwing full speed and getting their work done faster and more efficiently than ever before. Coaches save time, catchers save their knees and teeth, pitchers lock in and gain command of all their pitches. Wins increase and the organization becomes a contender almost overnight. Good pitching beats good hitting and all pitchers need more accuracy. The Pitching Tunnel will improve every pitcher on the planet regardless of age, gender or skill level and is fast becoming a standard piece of equipment on ball fields and sporting facilities worldwide. Would you like to improve your pitching?

Dr Tom HouseDr. Tom House says, “I like products that help kids be their own best pitching coach and these Pitching Tunnels definitely do that! There should be one on every field.”

About Dr. Tom House

Dr. Tom House (website) has spent most of his life in the game of baseball. In his baseball career he has been a professional baseball player, a pitching coach, a researcher, and a motivational force for many young pitchers today. Considered by many to be the “Father of Modern Pitching Mechanics.”

Tom House is the President of the National Pitching Association. He holds a PhD in psychology. He pitched professionally at the Major League level from 1967 to 1979 for the Atlanta Braves, the Boston Red Sox, and the Seattle Mariners. He has coached since 1980 for the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, and The Chiba Lotte Marines of Japan.

Tom is recognized as the world’s foremost authority on pitching. He is the author of multiple top selling books covering the subjects of Pitching Mechanics, Fitness on the Field, Safe Curveballs, Effective Change Ups, Functional Strength Training, Core Warm Ups, Cords, Grips, and Performance Drills videos. His extensive knowledge base leads aspiring pitchers to excellence on the mound…Read more.