The Pitching Tunnel will improve every pitcher on the planet regardless of age, gender or skill level and is fast becoming a standard piece of equipment on ball fields and sporting facilities worldwide. Would you like to improve your pitching?

World’s first and only Pitching Tunnels.

  • No catcher needed.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Indoor/Outdoor training.
  • Girls and boys Pitching Tunnels.
  • Custom colors and custom targets are available.
  • Allows for safer, better, more efficient pitching practice.
  • Great for camps, clinics, or backyard use.
  • A great visual aid to help in strike throwing.

Developed by the pros to get YOU to the pros.

The Pitching Tunnel is completely portable and simple to use weighing only 38 lbs and comes fully assembled in any color. Entire teams may practice year-round, indoors or out!